The Daily Dump Sign Ump

I included the ump for your baseball crazies. Me? I'm really glad baseball is over. (I'msorrydon'thurtme.) BABY, DON'T HURT ME.

No more. Ahem.

I'll do my best to repost this at some point tomorrow, too. As always anyone with authorship privileges may take a Dump! They can be as long as you want or pinched into a shorty. Play nice and Team Cat!

Monday, November 4th: FlarfenFloofenoogan
Tuesday, November 5th: Erudita Vanitas
Wednesday, November 6th: Invisible Carl Grimes-Purrkins
Thursday, November 7th: FreeSampleThief
Friday, November 8th: RainbowBrightEyes
Saturday, November 9th: MyDearPeabody
Sunday, November 10th: Whosits