Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

As I started sniffing the dump my cat just graced my house with, I realized that I hadn't seen the Daily Dump in a bit. Whoops.

So. If anyone wants to toss together a mish mash of crazy goodness for tonight, feel free! If not, let us drink an alcoholic beverage as penance for our forgetfulness.


Monday, October 7th: Carveitlikeapumpkin (nee quash)
Tuesday, October 8th: TychoTronic
Wednesday, October 9th: LizTaylorsBejewelledCorpse
Thursday, October 10th: JinxieJeepers!
Friday, October 11th: Rainbow "Burning Bright" Eyes
Saturday-Sunday, October 13th: Ubersexyrobotpirateninjatrout (that's a mouthful) and JessPhilopater

Okay, so maybe that smell is me. Cross your fingers that I finish school work and packing in time to grab a shower before my flight out to the WWII reunion tomorrow. To the person I sit next to.. I offer you my sincerest mwuhahahas if no shower happens.

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