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The Daily Dump Sign-Up Thread

Good early morning, GTers! Well, early for me, anyway, though that's about to change considering I'll be getting work at 7 am at least two days a week going forward. Anyway, here is the Daily Dump Sign-Up Thread for this week. I can ONLY do Wednesday (it's my only day off because of the Wedding From Hell I'm headed to tomorrow), so if no one else signs up I'll have to mad-scramble for this weekend in order to find people for some of the other days. Either that, or I'll just threaten to post pictures of feet on Paradoxymoron's Facebook wall until she agrees to do a day:

Monday, August 19 — CouchPlanted
Tuesday, August 20 — peachywithasideofkeen
Wednesday, August 21 — SouthernHelle
Thursday, August 22 — Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide
Friday, August 23 — SorciaMacNasty
Saturday/Sunday, August 24-25 — FluterDale


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