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The Daily Dump Sing-Up.

I am sleepy, so without any ado, here ya go. Also, slightly dyslexic, thus, we're having a Sing Up instead of a sign up. Very festive.

Monday, October 28th
Erudita Vanitas is hosting a bloody bloody Tuesday, October 29th
BloodyJenna sang for Wednesday, October 30th
Sorcia Macnasty is doing scary things on Thursday, October 31st/HALLOWEEN
BloodSampleThief will soothe tummy aches on Friday, November 1st/Candy Hangover Day
Saturday, November 2nd
Sunday, November 3rd

And remember, anyone with authorship privileges can host a Dump and include whatever they want. It can be long or short or sob-inducing or giggle-causing. Just have fun or no soup for you!

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