Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Daily Dump -- Special Weekend + Monday Edition!

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Welcome back to the Daily Dump! We had a longer-than-expected layoff because of Groupthink being down for most of us yesterday, but now we're back and it's time to get this done. As always, if you want something added that doesn't initially appear on here, let me know and I'll throw it on there.

Chritter is a Nocturnal Feminist Mancatfish told us What He Has Learned (Re-Learned?) About Being a Corporate Drone

Some douchebag wrote a thing about his girlfriend

CassieBearRawr Hulk-smashed her way to Preventing Some Douchebags From Getting Her TV

Raised_By_Heathens asked some Very Pertinent Questions About Gardening

MisfitToy may have set a new record for comments on a GT article (185!) when she Brought Up Her Parents' Issues With Fat Shaming

MitsubiShe required Some Haircut Advice

NightcheeseNightman asked about Differentiating RL Friends From Internet Friends

Rawrglicious made a series of posts about Her Adventure Time Shoes

Just about everyone made Some Kind of Post About Game of Thrones

WockaWockaWocka requested help for Her Friend's Kickstarter Project

Kyosuke asked about Gender Neutral Spaces

RenoDakota wanted our thoughts on Proper Wedding Etiquette

BlueAlaskan wondered If She Could Vent At Us About Sex (Spoiler Alert: yes, she could)

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide wondered about What It Would Be Like if Daniel Craig Lurked on Groupthink, then put on her Serious Internet Investigator Onesie when When The Real Actual Daniel Craig Showed Up on Groupthink, Really (Not Really)


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