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The Daily Dump (Suggestions for a better name!?)

Bearing in mind the earlier post, it seems as if it's been agreed upon that a daily open thread of sorts for all things notable is a welcome and most logical idea.

Since multiple authorship privileges isn't a thing, is there anyone who'd like to volunteer to be a host of the Dump? (Dump starter, Dumper, um.. Gatherer of the Shits?)


Obviously, this would have to be organized somehow so that there isn't more than one Dump in a day. (Geeze, the shit jokes might be endless.) Anyway, since this was my initial idea - I'm not going to claim ownership because other people have wished for the same thing - I'll nominate myself.

Things that would have to be discussed:

  • What time should the catch-up post be posted?
  • Should it follow the theme of open thread where anyone can post notable things, or should it be up to the host of the day? (I vote for the latter.)
  • Do hosts get assigned days, or as the appointed time approaches, do you go ahead and post the open thread catch all?
  • Anything else?

(Edited to say that one of you smart cookies who knows how to do polls should gather the offered names, so we could vote on them.)

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