Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Heyyyyy there, Groupthink campers. Couchplanted and I TOTALLY didn't get our Daily Dump signals crossed over the weekend, no sirree! This is just a special triple edition of the Daily Dump because...um...BECAUSE REASONS SHUT UP.

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide gave us a non-douchey space in which to Laugh Like Crazy About Miss Utah

Crustee opened up a call for Unsolicited Advice

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide was apparently Having Her Twitter Exploits Covered in the Media Now

Chritter is a Nocturnal Feminist Mancatfish shared with us some Incredibly Sweet Thoughts About Fathers

Candy Summers: Vagina High Priestess is not to proud to admit she was Eating Ramen For Dinner (HATERS GONNA HATE)

Medusa Asudem seemed to be Trying to Make Every Radfem's Brain Explode

Hello_My_Lover had some Father's Day Issues

McStabbyPants got mainpaged with her Hard-Hitting Reporting on Judi Dench's Swear-Laden Needlework

Paranoid_Shiksa_Feminista started a Space Cat Gif Bonanza

Rawrglicious is pondering doing a Before and After Bra Post

CassieBearRawr was justifiably Annoyed At Certain Commenters on an Article About Pubes

Medusa Asudem was likewise pissed about The Exact Same Thing

NapSauce continued with Part 4 of Operation Bustle

ProtheanUnicorn was extremely Curious About Budgeting

HitMeStan had pertinent questions regarding Dogs as Carry-Ons

LaComtesse told us about A Cute Thing Her Husband Did

FightingInFishnets got thoroughly Mansplained to About Comics (Which, LOL)


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