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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Daily Dump -- Thursday Edition!

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Welcome back to the Thursday Edition of the Daily Dump! For those of you wondering: yes, that is King Henry VIII at an ATM, which I am reasonably sure might be the most gloriously incongruous thing I've ever had the privilege of seeing in person (I am not visible in this photo). As always, if you think I missed something, let me know and I'll add it.

WockaWockaWocka helped us achieve some catharsis over A Human Pile of Whale Poop Who Is a Judge in Israel

JennyApples gave some side-eye to the fact that Mainpage Authors Don't Seem to Know the Facts About However We're Actually Supposed to Refer to Those Islands North of France and West of Scandinavia

Polka.Shorts asked us about Our Best Trashy Reads

NapSauce introduced us to Extremely Creepy Giant-Headed Abraham Lincoln

JennyDuck linked us to A Response to Comments on the "What Kind of Asian Are You?" Video

HermioneStranger asked us How Our Day Was Going

Tabitha's Shoes brought up the subject of Trolls and the High Road

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide posted about It Doesn't Matter What I Type Here, You're Going to Click It Because It's a Burt Article


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