Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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No, it's not a delayed Daily Dump because I totally forgot to do one yesterday or anything! Why would you even ask such a foolish, hurtful question?! Perish the thought! Slothstronaut is judging you for even bringing that up. As always, feel free to suggest additions and I'll throw them on there.

Hedgehog asked about Cleaning Schedules

MisfitToy requires some Cheering Up

BigDamnHeroes wrote an Open Letter to Jim Norton

Hello_My_Lover brought up the Inherent Shittiness of Siri's New Male Voice Option

Tabitha's Shoes is having some Really Sucky Weather Issues

Paranoid_Shiksa_Feminista has apparently Been Concern-Trolled

Rawrglicious has opened the 7th Seal on Hedgehog Memes

I wrote another thing about Game of Thrones

Chritter is a Nocturnal Feminist Mancatfish updated us all on His Wife's Cancer Situation

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide rips on XBox's Verification Process

Paranoid_Shiksa_Feminista is all kinds of Justifiably Pissed at Ohio

Paranoid_Shiksa_Feminista started up a game of Show and Tell

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide has become America's Baby

RainDogWaiting made a Post About Doctor Who And You Have No Idea How Painful It Is For Me to Link It

BlueAlaskan brought up the subject Fact-Checking on Facebook

ElenaFisher2.0 is playing The Last of Us and I AM SO JEALOUS YOU GUYS

ColeSore is having an issue with Free-Range Bunnies (Note: Not As Delicious As it Sounds)


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