Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Welcome back to the Daily Dump! As always, post any links to things you think I missed. Also, that image to the left makes me so super goddamn hungry. Like, you have no idea, I'm a half-step from taking a bite out of the cat right now. Apparently I need another sentence to get the formatting right, so here it is.

NapSauce informed us that apparently LuLu Lemon is Concerned About Our Levels of Testicular Perspiration

Paranoid_shiksa_feminista brought up the subject of Night Owls

Lady Rainicorn's dad had an interesting experience with Religious Nuts

Rokokobang showed us an important public service announcement about Bitchy Resting Face

FluterDale made the very important point that Laura Beck is The Last Unicorn

Nightcheesenightman showed us her Pretty New Clothes

Korra brought us the splendor of Ridiculous Fabio Book Covers

Doit2julia got mainpaged with a truly excellent piece about The "You Can Touch My Hair" Project

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide is So Fucking Excited About Vacuum Cleaners, Guys, Seriously, Liek Woah

JennyApples is really, really Tired of People Who Are Dumb About Her Pregnancy

Ginifur showed us an image of The Nicest Guys (TM) Ever

FluterDale is starting to get annoyed about Mean Girls

Aurora F shared with us a Total Photoshop Mindfuck

RemediosVaro let us know that Laura Ingraham is Still a Massive Turd Zeppelin

FightingInFishnets linked us to some Cool and Underappreciated Comics

Penabler brings us Greetings From the Future, Where Everyone Loves Tasty Bugs

PrincessFluffyButt totally dropped the hammer on Some Douchebag Talking About Her Weight


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