Welcome to Tuesday's Daily Dump!

jennyapples is overdue and it is making her not feel things.

medusa asudem was a birthday crank.

vivacious vicious has a stats test, but wants to know what makes you happy.


Burt Reynolds put a bird on it and then wrote a bad feminist movie.

Shiny Red Robot does not want to play legos (but does want to eat shepard's pie with all the wine).


barleychew shared a movie trailer with gay acceptance but Universal Pictures blocks watching it in my country on copyright grounds (I'm in the US...?) so I'll just trust barleychew on that one.


Yo, Stapler! just wants less rice and more beans, beans, the magical fruit..

Southern Helle shared ALL THE SUMMER SONGS!


My Dear Peabody wrote an awesome thing about geekdom.

Vtckr wants to know about your hobbies.


Themeghanshow is misunderstood.

hedgehog got a job offer!