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The Daily Dump: Tuesday is the New Monday

At long last, I have returned from my Dorky Flute Thing. You'll be pleased to know that as your GroupThink Flute Sensation, you were represented with aplomb and much tooting (of the flute).

Did you miss me as much as I missed you? Let's catch up, Daily Dump style!

NinjaCate is stirring up solidarity with mixed results on the mainpage. Quashitlikeitshot had thoughts, too. Laura Ingalls Gone Wilder has shared some other opinions. Although not one to put words in someone else's mouth, Kirov weighs in.

Castielle Winchester is advising incoming freshmen and this is something I feel passionately about. Let's write a novel, shall we? Somewhere, include something about basic hygiene and/or punctuation.


Slaybelle was taking care of business, like rules for commenting and posting privileges. Let's all take a moment to appreciate Slay.

If you aren't sufficiently terrified of Hugo S. or racism, PackedLunch would like to know what does terrify you.

JennyApples is troubled by facebook (mis?)information.

Pyrax has your daily WTF Discrimination moment, but is competing with this moment, care of TyrannosaurusBataar.


Ravenmaze has the world's worst brother in law (who actually sounds like some folks at the dorky flute thing).


Raindogiswaiting needs a couple of us to protect the merchandise from @ssholes. Preferably with withering remarks and snark. Thereisnofluffy could stand some backup, as well.


Stalkerish behavior annoys Remediosvaro.


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