It's Tuesday, and it's time to choose sides.

Disasters have a way of clarifying our priorities. And this weekend, if any could be classified as such, was a disaster. And now, the world has been divided into two categories: the Good, and the Bad. The Nice, and the Mean. The People Who Are Cheering You Up With Gifs and the People Who Are Coming Up With New Ways To Be Terrible.

Fortunately, we're on the right side. I know, because we're on it.

And our troops are determined to help each other remember the power of staying positive. I mean, Zap Rowsdower shows us that miracles CAN happen — Reddit did a nice thing! Napsauce is throwing a Heart donation extravaganza and is inviting you to donate things to auction! MyPrettyFloralBonnet shared a Strengthfinder quiz so we could all remember why we like ourselves!


I'm not going to say we haven't suffered losses. The Cadre of Crazy has made serious inroads of late. Only recently, our spy Violet_Baudelaire learned that we are adding the obese to the list of people Boy Scouts hate. (Soon to be added: boys). Our friend tyrannosaurusbataar shared information about jury selection, which may help explain why they let “her” on the jury. You all know who I'm talking about. And in a groundbreaking report, thanks to LaComtesse, people suck at Facebook (everyone, review these specifications so you don't fall victim).

But we will prevail! We are bolstering our forces, and (for today at least) the tide may be turning in favor of Niceness!


I mean, it basically comes down to whether you want to commiserate or complain, but Pocket_copter points out that we can do both if we do them in the right spirit. What is the right spirit, you ask?

The desire to help. And our ranks are full of heroes who have acquitted themselves bravely. Aurora F braved the depths of the internet in the GIF hunt to end all GIF hunts. Peachywithasideofkeen withstood her crazy aunt’s wedding and lived to tell the tale. Pintsized opened up about what can happen when your partner doesn't understand what it's like to be depressed, and we all joined in to offer support. Hello_my_lover launched a discussion about the available resources for a newly out gay teen. Joanbeam shares the wealth of a Kindle freebie with her comrades. And we all held hands with BurtReynoldsIsMySpiritGuide and bid farewell to Maximilian, the bravest cactus that ever was. (If you are at a loss for words, you may find an appropriate sentiment via Ubertrout's bracket competition of Most Quotable Movies.)


So, no matter the setbacks, remember that good things do happen in this crazy world. Remember that Napsauce reminds us that half of NASA’s new astronaut class are women. Remember that Quashitlikeitshot has proclaimed the amazing news that Rachel Jeantel was offered a scholarship.


And never forget, my friends - NEVER FORGET - that BurtReynoldsIsMySpiritGuide has shown us that Juror B37 realized the world knows she’s a douche, was dumped by her agent, and will not be publishing a disgustingly exploitative book.

We do indeed have right on our side.