It's HUMP DAY! So hump something? Maybe dance to Pumps and A Bump?

OK ZAP IS TIRED. And I've been drooling over THESE for three hours!

Ok. Let's rock!

Tomorrow (was it today though since that was late at night?) is Heather Simon's big day! AMERICA WE STAND AS ONE!

OhTheGlory27 wants your secrets!


Comic Book Wednesdays with FightingInFishnets!

Who are your doppelgängers? Penny wants to know!


Eloise Vanian had a bug infestation. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Mr.Gawn is curious about your rent.


Colbert is dancing and NotAgain is loving it.

QUASHITLIKEITSHOT could use some advice for a serious situation. Eeeep. Good luck.


WTF is ball pit diving, JayneAllyson?!


Hello My Lover got some grey then ungreyed weirdness on the mainpage. BOO AND HISS.

More drama on that jeggings MP post with cassiebearrawr. HISS AND BOO this time.


My! Those AA ads featuring women are super different than the ones with men! Thanks for the link, myprettyfloralbonnet.


Medusa Asudem got served some shit and she sent it right fucking back. But feels bad about it now.

CoffeeJitters and Penny need hair help!


The Opt Out Generation wants back in!

Ok, back to Orange Is The New Black!