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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Daily Dump -- Wednesday/Thursday Edition!

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In which I realize that I really should stop skipping days and doing double editions, because there's going to be like 20 things in this post! Huzzah! Go me for having absolutely no excuse whatsoever for laziness!

HaiThar linked us to an excellent Misandry Makeup Tutorial


Paranoid_Shiksa_Feminista did some Crowdsourcing for Advice About Dating Co-Workers

McStabbyPants showed us The Greatest Grumpy Cat Image of Them All

Bumblecat linked us to Something Horrifying That I Really Need to Give a Trigger Warning For

Smilla confronted that ugly phrase: I'm Not a Feminist, But...

Penabler got mainpaged with a link to A Map of Place-Names in the US, Including Stink Onions

FightingInFishnets submitted another edition of Comic Book Wednesdays

ScissorFight was apparently trying to kill BRIMSG with Vodka-Infused Everything

ShinyRedRobot wanted us to Discuss the Messiness of Her Desk

HaiThar showed us the most epic confrontation since Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus: Kitty vs. Turtle

Hello_My_Lover was very interested in Talking About Penises

FluterDale started a Self-Described Bitchfest and Apparently I'm an Asshole?

MisfitToy encouraged us to further discuss How Much We All Still Love Laura Beck

Burt Reynolds Is My Spirit Guide brought us the sad, sad news that America's Baby is Still Nameless

Medusa Asudem would really like to Talk to You About Breasts

SorciaMacnasty linked us to A Tumblr About Mad Men That Is Flying WAY Over My Head

McUncool had some interesting stuff to say About OKCupid

KCunning wanted to discuss The Intricate Mysteries of Shorts

Kyosuke is rightfully pissed-off about Some Transphobic Doucheschooners

KemperBoyd showed us A Really Cool Thing About Feminism at Cambridge


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