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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Daily Dump -- Weekend Double Edition!

This was an amazingly busy weekend here on Groupthink. Normally, Friday night is when the posts stagger to a halt, and we see precious little on Saturdays and Sundays. That's why Saturday/Sunday is the planned double Daily Dump edition for Couchplanted and I (rather than just the other times when I forget about it for a day, like an idiot). Not that I'm complaining, but what happened? Was everyone dealing with inclement weather? Are more people as misanthropic as I am than I thought? Did we just catch some weird perfect storm of GTer weekend involvement?

Whatever it was, it resulted in a mind-blowing spread of good articles. Without further ado:

BlueAlaskan absolutely shattered the GT record for comments on a non-mainpaged article by posting probably my favorite GT post ever, Friday Night Faces (so now you all know I look like Jason Alexander with hair)

PopeAlexander asked us How We Felt About Men Wearing Makeup

Iron Mam (AKA Domestic Dork) updated us on the Flood Situation in Southern Alberta

PackedLunch tried to give us a gif-induced seizure when asking about Our Weekend Plans

Raised_By_Heathens asked us all to submit our Summer Reading Lists

CandySummers: Vagina High Priestess encouraged us to tell Funny Kids Stories

FightingInFishnets is attempting to organize a NYC Groupthink Meetup for Next Weekend (And You Should Totally Come)

Korra, whose computer is still busted, sent us a Message In a Bottle

FightingInFishnets pointed out Penny Arcade's Transphobia Issue

NotAgain opened up an interesting discussion about the use of the Dismiss Button

I may have been Extremely Drunk and Complimentary Last Night, and while I am no longer drunk, I am still complimentary

Slay Belle posted an Author Invite Thread (paradoxy, submit your damn name already)

Penabler told us how his GT writing apparently Helped Get Him a (Clearly Very Intelligent and Discerning) Ladyfriend

TychoTronic asked us about Doing Fun Stuff With Hair Color vs. Age

Lady Rainicorn asked us for advice on Dying One's Hair Red



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