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Welcome To The Bitchery
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The Daily Dump -- Weekend Double Edition!

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Jesus, people. We're going to have to separate the weekends out into two different Daily Dumps if you keep posting so many interesting articles on Saturday-Sunday. Don't you guys have things to do on weekends?! I mean, I don't, I'm an anti-social misanthrope, but I thought I was the only one. Also, big thanks to everyone who's helping out with the Daily Dump this coming week — you guys are making this SO much easier for us.

HermioneStranger let us know about Coerced Sterilization of Female Inmates (Basically, the Descendant Idea of the Eugenics Movement)

La Piquante is apparently The Only Happy Person on Groupthink

Professor Pink started a Discussion of Our Darkest Confessions

Zap Rowsdower clued us in about A Band Called Death

JennyApples shared a word about Social Media Critics

Smilla had a time-sensitive issue that resulted in A Wondrous Poem by Chritter About Fried Chicken

Kyosuke seems to be Unable to Stop Eating All the Things

KookaBurracho started a discussion about Possibly the Most Infuriating Tumblr in the History of Tumblrs

Medusa Asudem got called out by The Worst Author on HuffPost

CassieBearRawr opened up the idea of A Groupthink IRC or Chatroom

Doit2Julia! showed us one of the most Mindfuckingly Weird and Problematic Things on OkCupid (Which is Saying Something)

Rawrglicious would like to Be Skype/GChat Buddies With GTers

JennyApples fostered a discussion about Unlikely Injuries

AshRonin posted a Very Serious Post About His Own Experiences (Trigger Warning)

Rawrglicious started a discussion about The Things We Find Awesome About Ourselves

SorciaMacNasty threw a bone to those of us waiting with bated breath for a Creepy Doll Update

Medusa Asudem shared with us more of her Adventures in Making Delicious Things

JennyApples (jesus, three this weekend, Jenny? You've been busy) encouraged us to share our Deepest Consumerist Desires

Hello_My_Lover shared with us a Painting She Did That Is Both Talent-Intensive and Actually Kind of Disconcerting, Though That May Just Be Me

Professor Pink is apparently an Expert at Nails and the Polishing Thereof

Zap Rowsdower shared with us a Strange Map of Significant TV Shows By State

SorciaMacNasty made a Drunken Happy Love Post (Because Who Doesn't Love Those? Communists, That's Who)

I started a Gif Party

LaComtesse is apparently into Kurosawa Movies (As If We Needed Any More Evidence That She Has Impeccable Taste)

Professor Pink is putting together an Atlanta GT Meetup


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