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The danger of the culture of fear

Especially watch 7:48 and on where he talks about the danger of examining anecdotes over trends.

Then watch this about how we are thinking that we are seeing new social trends because of these types of stories and why they make us think that they are social problems.


And then this—what we need to do and how we need to think about real dangers affecting our society that is often more complicated and less likely to serve a corporate agenda.

Long, a bit old (in internet times), but worth watching. We need to examine why stories inciting us to be full of rage and fear are causing us to support policies where we give up our civil rights and fight to have other people give up theirs.

We're scared of the wrong things. We're scared of the wrong people. And this shit is getting in the way of us being able to build a just society where we actually tackle social problems.

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