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Welcome To The Bitchery

So my husband is in grad school to get a big time nurse practitioner of a saught after specialty of a *mumble* sort, so he is knee-deep in studying anatomy and disease and stuff. Which comes in handy if you just want to ask someone, "Does this mole look weird?" or something like that. I often use him for when I'm on the fence about going to the doctor about something, to see if I'm just beeing a ninny, or if I really need a doctor. I have used his services this week during my unfortunate respiratory illness. Started feeling sick last Friday, by Monday I was SICK sick, but no fever, and he said it was most likely viral, they wouldn't give me any antibiotics, and I can probably get some extra OTC stuff and that would be the best I could do, besides hydrating and resting, of course. So he got me Mucinex and cough drops and soup and I got better enough to go back to work. Well, still no fever, my sinuses no longer are full of lava, and my throat doesn't feel like I drank bleach anymore, but I have this really powerful cough that comes suddenly and will not stop till I'm done coughing up whatever piece of flem it wants me to. Husband stopped mid-walk through the room, looked at me as I coughed up a massive loogie, and said, "You can't stop coughing when you start, huh?"

"Nope," I finally managed to finally croak out.

"You should go see a doctor!"

"I can't take codiene, remember?"

"... Well, maybe they can give you something. I wouldn't know. General care isn't even my specialty!"


UGH. Thanks, NOW I have to go see a doctor! (I mean, it's useful and all to know that yes, I am not crazy and this cough is excessive, but damn, man, don't be all an expert one minute, and then "Don't ask me I don't really know HERP DERP" the next).

Hopefully I won't crack a rib or throw up while coughing before the walk in clinic opens in the morning.

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