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The Date & Other Wedding Tales

About three years ago, two couples I knew got married on the same day. That's not such a big deal, but the eight months of bitching and sniping at each other about "who had the date first" is still fresh in my mind.

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I mean, I got married on 9/10/11, so it's not like my wedding date is all that unique, but the story about it is kind of funny:

Around April and May of 2010, the Captain and I started talking weddings and looking at dates, just to see what our options were. We both knew we wanted something in high summer or early fall, so we were looking at August and September.

Me: Late August or early September would be cool.

Cap: NOT Labor Day.

Me: Fine, fine...hey! Wanna get married on nine, ten, eleven? It's on a Saturday! I'M SURE NO ONE ELSE WILL THINK OF THAT.

Cap: NO. Never. Not even a little bit.

Me: Oh please - you really think I'd choose something so stupid?

(snarky laughter is had by all)

Now, cut to mid/late June, and I'm in the ICU, having just written "Are you fucking kidding me?" in response to the Captain proposing to me. He asked if there was a date I wanted, but I was so sick that I could only remember one date: 9.10.11

It wasn't until after our first anniversary that Cap had the courage to admit that I had chosen a date that we said we'd never use. He just didn't have the heart to suggest any other date after I adamantly signed that I wanted to get married on that day.


Does your wedding date have any significance? Did anything historical happen on the day you chose?

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