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Welcome To The Bitchery

The debate a few thoughts the 9pm one

As a democrat I fear Governor Kasich the most. His answer about medicaid and same sex marriage may just make the middle lean towards him. Very many folk lean social liberal and fiscal conservative. His answers hit the sweet spot for many of these folk. Vast swarths of folks in New England are like this politically. He is of course nowhere near social liberal but he did not sound scary and irrational.

Threatening Megyn Kelly stupidest thing Trump could have done. I suspect many male viewers of FNC probably took great offense to that. Also his answer about going independent was also stupid. Republicans have one trait almost all have and that’s fierce loyalty to the party. He showed absolute disloyalty and a selfishness that many especially older republicans ie actual voters will not like.


Christie/Paul. I have seen Ron Paul debate and Rand is no Ron. He came across as a child. Also answering then looking down really bad.

Jeb Bush reminded me a bit of Ward Cleaver its like he wanted to be the adult in the room but fell flat. Even George W was a better debater since he could connect with the audience. His father who really was not good at all in debates at least could think on his feet and was more likable.


Cruz reminds me so much of those annoying classmates whose hands were always up in class and then show off how clever they are. When Cruz said his father was an alcoholic then embraced fully God I wonder if he realized people would say “so your dad swapped one addiction with another”. That was my first thought.

Also are the republicans electing a Minister or President. Some seemed confused.

Winner Kasich

Runner up Christie he will get the Trump supporters.

Loser Trump. I have a feeling Fox will replay his threat to Megyn over and over again.

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