Kaine won where he quoted Trump or Pence. The problem  is the Trump voters won’t care. Democrats will care. Independents I hope they check fact checkers.

Kaine also won with the Reagan quote. I thought it was his best moment.

Pence pretty much embodied the 3cs in a debate. He was calm, cool, collected. Kaine yes aggressive but even to me he got annoying and rude especially at the start. I expect this behavior on CNN with their pundits but not a vp debate.

Neither really damaged the top of the ticket. Kaine did a better job defending Clinton then Pence did defending Trump especially about the quotes.

Kaine would have won if he had more self control. A tie at best. Hillary will hold her lead. Pence may have solidified the religious vote for Trump though.


Also I suspect for Pence this debate was all about 2020 not 2016. Cruz blew it during the convention and tonight Pence filled his shoes. Also as republicans go Pence gave the best debate performance stylistically of any republican this year.

No way in Hell would I vote for Pence but he will be a strong contender in 2020.


Let’s hope Trump was too busy twittering then paying attention on how to perform in a debate.