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The Defenders (spoilers for the whole series)

Thoughts and spoilers under the gif

- In general I thought it was underwhelming.

- Iron Fist was annoying as hell and so much of the story focused on him.

- I think Matt Murdock was born without any chill.

- I love Luke and Claire, two flawless and attractive people, together. While I love Jessica and Luke in the comics, I don’t want it happening on the Netflix series. But it probably will because of “accuracy” to the source material, even though that grossness is not how they got together there. Ugh.


- On a similar note, protect Misty Knight from The Immortal Man-Child.

- When Daredevil and Jessica kicked Danny’s irritating ass.

- When Elektra killed Stick:


Hate Stick. HATE. There’s the general asshole-ery and he seems to really like killing poc.

- Madame Gao ain’t dead. Did we see a body? NO.

- The last shot of Matt in the convent looks like a reference to Born Again. So they’re probably going to do a version of that story without Ben Urich. Ben was such an important part of that story. And I am forever salty that they killed him off to give Karen paaaain and have her replace him. Was there no other way to give her a storyline? 


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