Another day, another mommy blogger posting about modesty, another Mormon friend sharing the link on my facebook. This one, however, is making up her own definitions and I can't just let her get away with it.

But to look "sexy" is (by very definition if the word): to be in a state of readiness for sex.

No. Wrong. Demonstrably false.

Unlike this blogger, let's look at some actual dictionaries here to come up with an actual definition of sexy, shall we? From the OED we get "sexually attractive or exciting." From Merriam-Webster, "sexually appealing, attractive, or exciting.", "sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality." They all sound pretty similar and none of them sound even remotely like hers. The rest of her terrible post doesn't matter because its premise is a fake definition of sexy.


How did this horrifying assault on the English language become so popular among my annoying "modest is hottest" friends? Don't they care about words? Don't they care about tradition?? Do they care about anything at all???

Seriously though, I need someone to back me up here. I feel like the world is going crazy. Where in the hell did this woman find this definition? How can anyone possibly think "sexually attractive" and "in a state of readiness for sex" are the same thing? Please hold me, I'm scared.