Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people but the stigma associated with it makes it more difficult to reach out for help, so what do we need? Awareness baking! The Depressed Cake Shop is a project where bakers come together to bake as therapy and as an awareness campaign, where all of the baked goods are grey.

The event this Saturday from 1-7pm will benefit Queer Lifespace, an LGBTQQI-centric nonprofit and safe space, providing mental health and substance abuse help in San Francisco’s Castro District. (Also in the UK this weekend, in London and Derby, with additional sites in the UK with no listed dates.) Perhaps if you peruse the associated blog, you can find dates for the other locations.

I went to them and asked them if I could get ingredient lists in advance, since I need to avoid allergens that are very common in baking and you guys… they’re trying to make hypoallergenic grey baked goods. I'm all verklempt.