Seriously, guys, I am so fucking sick of seeing dismiss button drama. It seems at least once a day some kind of shit breaks out because of it.

For me, the dismiss button is used when someone is posting something hateful, trollish, unnecessarily aggressive, or some such similar thing.

This is a public forum we've got here, and sometimes people aren't going to agree with your opinions. Sometimes, people may even take issue with them and challenge them. Sometimes they get passionate.

Just take a moment before you hit the button, don't make it just a knee jerk reaction.


If you don't like what someone has to say, but it's not appropriate to dismiss it, then just don't respond. If they're in the grey? Leave them in the grey. If they're not? Well no one is putting a gun to your head and saying "respond to this person RIGHT NOW". Let discourse happen, even if you don't engage in it personally. If you think about it, and it's still appropriate in your mind, then you have that right to dismiss it.

Overuse of the dismiss button just keeps people from engaging in conversation and engaging with the community. It makes us look petty and mean. So please think before you hit that little X.

And yes, I will not dismiss any responses to this, even if you call me a poopy buttface. Go ahead, just try it.