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(warning for an autoplay video*). So, at first glance, I’m like GREAT DO IT. Of course I believe they have a strong case, haha. At second glance, I’m like, but why? At third glance, I’m like, but how? And at fourth glance, I’m like, then what? Clearly I am no lawyer:

  1. Are they just throwing everything at this problem to see what sticks?
  2. How can you successfully sue for this without there being some sort of criminal charges? (2a - I feel like I had that same question during OJ’s civil trial....)
  3. Is there some different set of rules that comes out re: evidence and who owns it and gets to do what with it? So does Mueller have to turn over something to them for discovery? Or vice versa? Just more evidence-gathering??
  4. I realize that the DNC being successful here doesn’t really mean Russia or Julian Assange will end up paying jack shit...but if this is successful, what does that mean for the criminal charges Mueller (or NY or whomever) is working on?

*I’ve said this a million times: autoplay videos should be illegal.

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