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The Doctor, The Guest, And Freedom On The Freeway (TL;DRs Included)

I've never really encountered a weekend like this. I've never driven around at 2 am, going 65 mph in the glorious dark. I've been to midnight premieres, but not since I was 20. And I really, really hate having a guest in my home. Two tales of awesome, one of venting.

TL;DR-An eventful weekend was set in motion. Midnight at a mega theater. Driving, in the wee hours of the morning, a guest I am very close to recommending a hotel for.

It all started with a Tuesday text. "Hey, wanna see Dr. Who at midnight?" he (a guy friend) asked. Being at work, and with no foreseen weekend plans, I answered "Sure."


TL;DR-Text from a guy to see The Doctor.

Flash forward to Thursday. A Facebook message appears from an old family friend: "Hey, can I stay at your place this weekend? I need a place to crash." Being the nice person I am, with the family connection we have, I answered "Sure, but I have plans." Also I am expected to take this person to the airport Monday morning, upon his insistence, despite my doctors appointment and work. I sound like a bitch, but this was last minute on their part.

TL;DR-A message from a family friend in need of a crash pad I accepted out of family connections. I regret it.


Flash forward to yesterday. I pick my guest up, I try to cook for them, I even gave up my bed for them to sleep in. This is the venting part: I get to hear about living in the woods without modern necessities-ok, whatever, please shower-trying to make awkward small talk, and eventually attempting to do my job in regards to my, um, job. Said guest goes out for the night, and I get ready to leave to see The Doctor. I'm not huge into it, but my guy friend is someone who's pretty cool.


TL;DR-I hate having guests, even though I do try to do the right thing. Also my place smells like mold and I want to do my job, and small talk sucks.

I'll skip the drive to the theater, because it was just another drive. Racing down freeways at night.


Get to the mega theater at the mega mall in an area that you'd expect to see one. Not that I'm hating. Make delightful small talk with my friend. Watch the show. Strangely-ok, not so strangely-attracted to Peter Capaldi, unlike the previous Doctors, save number nine. Kinda pissed that the female companion is always in need of being rescued, but whatever. Regarding the past two Doctors-IDK.

TL;DR-I was a stranger in a strange land, in awe of the mega mall, my daddy issues are back even though I don't really have any. Overall, enjoyed the show. Enjoyed the new Doctor too.


Get back in my car with sleep deprived double vision. My GPS is acting up. I fear I may be stuck here. Yet I pass some well-done cosplay. Tempted to scream "Good job!" from my car, and then remember a girl in her early 20's should not be saying that to high school kids.


TL;DR-Afraid I am to be stranded in this land of mega malls and suburbia. Remember not to yell compliments high schoolers because that's just creepy. But they seemed less Tumblr and more rational.

Oh, the glorious 2 am drive. I expected it to be a huge pain. But I was stuck by how nice the lack of traffic was, the early morning sky, and the clam of it all.


TL;DR-Beauty on the freeway at 2am is something I would do again, but with more coffee.


Then I had to sleep in a cot in my front room, because I got rid of my couch to get a pole to practice dancing on, which still needs to be ordered. Got three hours of very uncomfortable sleep. I need to shower. I need to get proper clothes on. I need to head to the in independent cafe for breakfast, because I need something to eat and my guest is still sleeping.

TL;DR-My back hurts from sleeping in a cot, I need to get my dance pole, I want to go to a cafe for breakfast alone.


My only problems are the guest and the fact that I want to see more of my guy friend. Had a genuinely good time. I barely the guy friend, but we keep in contact a lot.

TL;DR-I miss seeing my guy friend in person who invited me to the showing, had a good time. Wondering if he ever wants to grab drinks.


10/10 for the fun. 0/10 for catering to my guest, and trying to entertain. It's strange having someone you have nothing in common with crash at your place, even worse when said person gets on your nerves, and you find yourself sleeping in a cot.

TL;DR-I'm either happy or annoyed, in regards to circumstances.

Want a mimosa and my boss to get back to me so I can work, and in sincere need of coffee and to shower. I look like a righteous mess.


TL;DR-Need morning booze, coffee, to work, and a way to look like a human being and not the swamp thing.

Thanks for reading! I love being back, and I love you guys. Wish I could have shared the midnight experience with all of you.


TL;DR-I love y'all.

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