Does anyone else kind of resent being the best sometimes? Sometimes I just want to be lazy and less productive, too!

So a while back at my job, they gave me the additional responsibility of auditing the production counts for the previous day. I don't mind, I actually wanted something to do to really prove my worth at my job which I already know I am really good at. Hopefully this plants the seed for sticking with the company and getting to move to wherever I want in the country/world and take my job with me.

Well, I've been auditing the numbers for a month now, and frankly I'm kind of floored by how much more productive I am than the rest of the team. I knew I was overall twice as productive as the team in general; but looking at the numbers, even with having 3-4 additional roles on top of my regular job, I'm still lapping everyone by 3.5x the average production numbers. What the hell is everyone else doing with their days?!

I'm on GT a good portion of my work day, I listen to podcasts, I read DIY blogs and watch videos. If you looked at me work in person I look like the least productive person here. I don't get how other people aren't keeping up, even a little. I know I should be happy I am kicking butt and taking names, but I can't help but let a little bit of a resentment sneak in because I'm working the load of 3 people.