Guuuuuurl, Drama Llama is DONE with your shit.

Seriously, it would be easier to work with a pack of llamas. There would be way fewer tantrums and way less attitude.

Today's dramat-hon was over thirty sheets of "useless letters," printed before they were approved by me and another coworker. Now, we're lowly sales reps, but we are supposed to be reading these letters before they're sent out to ensure accuracy, and see if any wording needs to be changed.

Wording needed to be changed. OH. MY. GOD. THE HORROR.

Publisher passed us off to marketing rep, marketing rep made the changes, sent it to publisher for approval, gave it to admin for printing and delivery to sales reps. Admin says to publisher, "I'll get over it, it's just a waste of paper."


She'll get over it, you guise.

Publisher says, "Don't look at me, it wasn't my decision. LW and Other Sales Rep wanted it it changed!"


It wasn't his decision, you guise.

Admin delivered newly printed letters with an extra dose of annoyance and attitude. I thank her for the new letters, and she says...



Well, fuck you too. I'll remember this the next time we have a talk about attitudes in the office.