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The Drowned God has smiled upon this day

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ETA: fixed the videos——In the form of an abrupt downpour. In Southern California. During a drought!


I don't know how I feel about this. On the one hand, I should expect my birthday to be covered in wet, gloomy sludge. On the other hand, it would be nice if I could enjoy the things I never got to growing up in the midwest. But alas, three years in a row it has rained in SoCal on my birthday! I think last year it was at least tolerable but 2012 was notbable for being cold and rainy and this year is a downpour! Flood warnings! Call me Thor because I'm bringing the thunder!!!

I'm gonna take this as a good sign, it hasn't rained since June or July or something so my birthday must be a good omen. But it would be nice to enjoy a warm sunny birthday FOR ONCE. Just sayin'


Here's some rain music for you:

Singin' in the Rain


Blame it on the Weatherman

I Can See Clearly

Purple Rain

Here Comes the Rain Again

Make it Rain

And many more!

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