Well, for those of you who have followed my “I hate my job” saga, I was offered a position at a different company!

Cliff Notes: I work in the production side of the entertainment industry. I am in charge of building scenery and props for theatre, movies, and corporate events. I am rarely paid on time. I wasn’t paid this last Friday because there wasn’t enough in the account to cover payroll. I am supposed to be paid today, but I am not holding my breath. I am also owed $6000 in expenses from the fall, when I worked 500 hours in 32 days (salary, so no overtime). The last expense receipt I turned in was dated November 11th. I have not been reimbursed, and I find it doubtful I ever will. Mrs. Blalock wants me to investigate small claims court, and I may do that now I am leaving. It is not 100% my bosses’ fault. The company was shorted a very large amount of money, and they are currently suing the client for the past due amount. That being said, my bosses are horrible managers and do not listen to the input of their staff.

This place had it’s power turned off almost a month ago for nonpayment, and we have been running off of a generator ever since. They have laid off anyone not on salary making more than $13 an hour, and it has been up to me and the warehouse guy to get things done. I haven’t had a staff in over a month. I have worked a lot of unpaid overtime because no one else was there to do the work, and I did it thinking I was helping my bosses get back on their feet financially. All of that ends.

I am going to be talking to me new employer later today, and I will be narrowing down my start date. My boss hasn’t showed up yet. She rarely gets to the office before 10:30 am EDT. I have prepared an updated expense report, including interest, and I will talk to my boss about that first. Once she has signed the updated report, I will break the news about my departure. Hopefully she doesn’t fire me on the spot. She did that to the last guy in this position when he said he was going to leave the company in three months. He was trying to do the right thing by not leaving these people in a lurch, but my boss is the kind that always has to have the last laugh when it comes to her staff. I have seen her fire multiple people with a smile on her face.

I will not miss this place.

My new job is sort of a lateral move. On paper it is a step down on the org chart, but I will still be doing mostly the same stuff. I will be on salary, so no overtime (boo). But, the benefits are better, and my salary will be 15% higher! The major sucky part is we will have to move. Again. One of the my wife’s coworkers has a friend who just bought a house and will be leaving their apartment soon. They love their landlord, and the description of the place fits our needs well. I am trying to see if we can go look at the place this weekend. If this place works out I will just have to get over my thing about living in The Bronx*.


*Last time I lived in The Bronx I was almost collateral damage from a drive-by. A ricocheting bullet went whizzing by my ear as I dove for cover behind a bodega. The target was in a unisex hair salon a few businesses in front of me.