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Janny Wurts is still writing the massive Fantasy series “The Wars of Light and Shadow” that has been flying under the radar of anyone forever.
I discovered it in 2003 (almost 10 years after it got published first in the US), back when I was still in school, partially thanks to the stunning artwork, which Janny Wurts provided herself. It pretty much jumped out of all the cheesy/trashy/boring stuff. It was the German edition, I bought the first 2 books and immediately after that all the books released in German.
Then I realized that the German publisher had decided to abandon the series and I was stuck. So I preordered the next one in English and...well, let me tell you, that is not School English, it’s not even English English.
At that time I think I could understand barely enough to grasp the meaning of the story (it helped that I knew the overall story by heart), reading with a dictionary next to me and occasionally asking my English teacher. It was super hard for me, but I pushed through and while I maybe knew a third (or rather less) of the story, it was enough.
Then Farscape happened or better, season 4 didn’t get dubbed into German, so I decided to rewatch at least season 1 in German and then venture out into the world of the English language. It was fun and thankfully there were a lot of useful websites explaining all the thousand jokes by Crichton you’d never get as a non-native speaker.
My English got better, I reread “Peril’s Gate” and it was such a joy, because I just read it, like, read it, I looked up nausea, because what the hell, it came up like 5-6 times, it must be important, but most of the time I just read it and then the next and so on.

In October she’ll publish “Destiny’s Conflict”, after that’ll be only one more and it feels weird that after that this story that has been part of all my adult life so far’ll have come to an end, the story that is part of the reason why I wanted to really learn English.
But I’m still happy that there’ll be an end, that she has been writing all that time, has managed to create this complex and complicated web without losing control over even a tiny single aspect.
Considering the last book is from 2011 it’ll still be a while until it’s done.

Her inspiration (not storywise, but the feeling of the story itself) is the battle of Culloden Moor and while this series lives on intrigue, etc, her way of writing dark and gritty Fantasy feels way more real than anything all those self-proclamed grimlords could ever manage. The stakes are so high, no dragon could reach it and all the while the story soars.
I’m not looking but looking forward to how she’ll bring closure to everything she had been building since forever.

I sooo want a tattoo of that sword. ::mumbles::

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