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The ending of the trilogy was shit :(

I made a post here some time ago about the fact that I had just bought the last game in a trilogy, and I hoped the ending would be good.



It wasn't :(

The main character was sort of an asshole in the first two games, but in the third game he does such utterly and completely *VILE* things, I started actively rooting for him to die. In the end he did die, pulling a heroic sacrifice. But by then he had crossed the line so many times, it felt less like "how sad, he was a bad person but redeemed himself" and more like "good! He so deserved that." The whole thing felt like a Shaggy Dog Story.


Making things worse, I gave the first game in the trilogy to a friend as a Christmas gift. I did enjoy the first game and never expected the third game to be so bad! And the first game ends on a cliffhanger, so it can't be played as a stand-alone title.


What the hell do I do now? Do I warn her? "Ahhhh, remember that game I bought you? You miiiight want to skip it ^^." Do I just hope she has completely different taste than me and ends up actually enjoing the trilogy? Just because I hated it, doesn't necessarily mean she will too, right? But it's really really bad >_>

Some way to start the new year...

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