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Welcome To The Bitchery

***Spoiler Alert***

Ok so, they go to this new family's house and the daughter is in a comatose state right? Then Elyse sees a weird shadow that we kinda sorta see (or maybe I'm just blind 'cause I could barely see anything). Can anyone else see what the shadow is 'cause I didn't.


So, I am reading that there will be a 3rd installment and I'm guessing it will be with this family? A Latino family at that which is exciting 'cause I don't believe I've ever seen a horror movie where the family/main characters are Latino.

Also, I feel like there were plot holes but I might have missed stuff 'cause I was falling asleep watching it last night. How can the grown up spirit of Josh be looking at Young Josh? I don't know. I feel like there were plot holes in this movie and it wasn't done as well as the first and didn't have as many scares, which makes sense 'cause it's the sequel or chapter 2, whatever.

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