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It was good! I think? It was weird.

So, he looked at my blood work and felt my thyroid and said...it was fine. He said it didn't feel enlarged, and said as far as the blood work goes, the T3 and T4 levels were high because I'm on hormonal birth control.

I mean, that's absolutely great! If nothing is wrong with my thyroid, that's fantastic!


But it's just really weird, for a few reasons. First, my gynecologist seemed pretty concerned about the hormone levels. And if my birth control was causing them, wouldn't she have known that and said something in the first place? I mean it's entirely possible she didn't know but that seems odd for her not to, no?

Then, the symptoms. I am and have been exhibiting a lot of symptoms associated with hyperthyroidism. Is it possible for all of them to have been psychosomatic? The vomiting, that I'm ready to admit could have been mostly, if not solely, derived from my anxiety as that was a fairly recent development. But everything else, the insane sweating, the hot flashes, the insomnia, the shaking hands, muscle weakness, general stomach issues - I've been having these problems for god knows how long now. Is it possible for all of them to have been psychosomatic? And going beyond that - is it possible for symptoms like that to be derived from a mental illness such as bipolar disorder?

If the endocrinologist is correct, this does effectively mean that the bipolar symptoms and the anxiety are, well, what they are. They're not coming from my thyroid.

I still had an ultrasound on my thyroid done, and I'll get the results this week. And I'm going to do a second set of blood work soon (my psychiatrist wanted it anyway) to see if the levels changed at all or stayed the same. Plus I'm seeing my gynecologist on Friday anyway so I'll tell her what the endocrinologist said and see what she thinks.


But this is weird, right? Like I said, if my thyroid is fine then that's absolutely great, it's just odd, the completely differing opinions between doctors.

Also my mom told me to to, basically, stop being a child and call the psychologist and tell him that I won't be returning for more sessions. I just haven't been able to find someone else yet, so I'm thinking it may be better for me to do that first? Or is no one on one therapy better than bad therapy (I still have group counseling)?

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