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The Epic Mansplainer took another swing at Dr. Jen Gunter

If I remember correctly, the epic Mansplainer who *could* (and who definitely DID!😳) was shared here in the last couple weeks.

For those who do not recall, his self-own in regards to this story from The Guardian, and his decision to first mansplain on the original article, THEN to tell Dr. Gunter that the term vulva was improper and that the “correct” term is vagina was SOMETHING to behold:


It became epic enough that if you type in the phrase “mansplain vulva,” nearly ALL the returned stories at least 3 pages deep are on his conversation at Dr. Jen!

Original Guardian article:

Forward to tonight, annnnnnd Y’all, HE.IS.STILL.DIGGING!!!

He doubled down, in longform, and the wrongness somehow managed to increase almost exponentially.


The dude brings up race, disability, immigration, and more.

It’s the trainwreck that just doesn’t STOP.

It’s fascinating, disturbing, gross, and incredibly sad, all wrapped up in one, VERY DEEP hole:


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