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The eternal question: the dog, or the guy?

Found a gem on r/relationships. I know you guys are reading it too.

So, what say ye, Team Dog? DTMFA?

My bf was not a big dog person. His parents only ever had a small Shih Tzu, and my boisterous pit mix was a bit of a handful for him. She wasn’t used to new people, jumped, was mouthy, all things we’ve been working and improving on. When we first started dating, he commented that every time we chatted I talked about the dog. I thought it was only fair to let him know early on he was dealing with a crazy dog lady than waiting until he was in too deep. A year later? He plans vacations around what the dog would enjoy. He buys her presents and special treats and considers her a queen among dogs. She’s still a butthead, but he loves her and understands where some of her excitement and happiness comes from. He was distraught when she had a medical emergency and he couldn’t help me get her to the vet.


My verdict: keep the dog, divorce the dude. That was some sneaky shit trying to separate her from her best canine friend, and that’s not a precedent I’d want in my marriage. Because you know she will never let that be forgotten.

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