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Can we discard this notion that journalists from The Left must still maintain some remnant of fairness while The Right does whatever the fuck they want without consequences? Can we discard this notion that our country & its institutions & non~white people aren’t under siege? Can we discard this notion that “fairness” is even a concept to aspire to at this point, when outright lies have prevailed for decades? Lies prevail every single day now. Can elected officials & media finally grow some claws & fangs and fight back, ffs?


Can we fucking stop sacrificing Black Women at the alter of “fairness” & “decorum” and making them pay the ultimate price, always?? Jemele Hill, anyone? Anita Hill, for that matter? Can we stop pretending this has ever been a fair playing field? Can media stop pretending that women like Janell Ross are not compelled by deep pain to defend & advocate for a population that still needs it in two thousand fucking 18?

Her firing is nuts.

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