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The extreme range of reactions to my birthday in the office, ranked.

1. My boss, who bought me a hot apple cider and emblazoned my white board with this:

And scattered my desk with candy, cupcakes, and temporary tattoos.


2. My department manager, who sent out a mass email with a gif of monsters dancing and a happy birthday message.

3. Most of my other coworkers, who individually said it to me in person or sent a nice email.

4. The mean boss I don’t like, who just replied all to the manager email with the very odd, very cold, “Yes, have lots of fun today.”

5. The temp who stopped by my desk for a cupcake, asked what age I am today. Then paused, rolled her eyes, and said, “Ugh, don’t ask me my age.” when I wasn’t going to. I really don’t care.

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