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The Fall

Is anybody watching this? I've watched the first two episodes, and I just don't think I can get involved. I LOVE Gillian Anderson and the character she plays.

I do not love ANOTHER fucking detective/cop show about solving the creepy serial murders of pretty white women. I do not love having a home invasion/binding/gagging/murder/weird dead body handling juxtaposed against hot sexy sex between two live, consenting adults. I do not love "Is he raping the babysitter or is he not raping her?" while his child climbs the stairs to see what's going on because she hears all the crying and struggle.


Has anyone seen this show? Does it go on with basically screaming its creepiness? Does it continue showing weird, sexual or suggested-to-be-sexual violence against women? How many more women do I have to hear scream with a gag over their mouths, and how many terrified female eyes does the camera rest on in the last three episodes? How many more brutal struggles do I have to listen to? Because I am just really not down with that to begin with, nor am I down for watching shit that has been done to death just so one awesome character can work her way through the oldest mystery story in human mythology.

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