Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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The feminist lens

Hey GTers! I miss y’all. I’ve been super busy here in Vietnam, so I’ve been lurking on GT but not posting or commenting much.

So, I have a big favor to ask you. I am going to be teaching a unit on literary criticism to a group of 11th grade Vietnamese students this semester. Part of that will, of course, include feminist criticism. Many of these students have not been exposed to feminism or feminist critique of literature in any kind of meaningful way before this term, so I want to make sure I make it really accessible (you know, so I can CONVERT THEM ALL!). I have a few ideas bouncing around, but I also just wanted to put this out there with you lovely humans to find out if there are any videos, texts or other materials you would suggest I look into that would be age-appropriate. Thanks in advance! Here’s to indoctrinating the next generation ;)


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