Today was deep tissue massage therapy. I was screeching in pain. Everywhere she touched, and I do mean everywhere (jaw, back, neck, shoulders, arms, etc) was making this gross clicking/popping noises. I'm not even talking about joints here. There are just that many knots.

Now I've been guzzling room temperature water (really nice after deep tissue massage therapy) and I feel bruised all over, but I can turn my head without my teeth aching.

Also, half way through, I just felt something...release...and suddenly I was able to breathe more deeply and my nose started running. I must have had some fucked up chi or something.

I'm going to go a few more times and hope to keep up the fight against brokenbackedness. Please to send thoughts of recovery. I don't know how much longer I can deal with my ears throbbing in agony from my neck. :\