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The First Wedding Fuck Up


Mr. Buttcheeks and I are having a very small wedding. Us and 38 guests. We wanted it small. Unfortunately, our mothers are trotting around inviting people willy nilly.


My mom has three close friends who have been around forever. I am close with two of the three of them. Despite my sending her the guest list, she has invited the third friend and her husband. I'm not opposed to this person coming, but because of the limits on the room we're getting married in (it only hold 40 people) it means I have to cut RELATIVES. Specifically, I'll have to cut my mom's two brothers. My uncles. I'm not that close to my uncles and I doubt they'll come anyways, but still. The alternative is sending the invites to too many people and praying that some of them can't come.

Weddings are THE WORST. So many FEEEEELINGS.

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