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The Fish Died (UPDATE)

I’m house sitting. The pet fish died. HELP ME. My friend told me the fish liked to hide so I assumed he was hiding the last few days. Or I just wasn’t seeing him. Last night I went on a hunt for him. My friend said he liked to swim under the rocks in the tank so I pulled the tank out a bit from the shelf, turned the flashlight on on my phone and there he was, on his side, definitely dead.

What the fuck do I do? She gets back from her trip tomorrow afternoon. Should I tell her now? How do you tell your friend that her fish died on your watch? I don’t even know if I did anything to kill it. It was fine on Saturday. I was feeding it exactly as she asked.

I’m reticent to tell her now while she’s on vacation abroad. I don’t know if I’d want to take a 15 hour flight knowing I was coming home to a dead pet. But at the same time, wouldn’t she want to know as soon as I knew? I feel like I’m lying by omission by not saying anything. Should I tell her tomorrow when she gets off the plane back here so that she doesn’t discover him on her own?


I also feel like shit because I’m wondering if I accidentally killed it somehow. I’m pretty sure I didn’t since I gave it the same food on the same schedule as she did. I never touched the water or the tank. I’m also scared that she’ll be mad at me and think I was neglecting her pet. She trusted me with him and now he’s dead. This is the fucking worst.

UPDATE: I sent her a long text explaining how I found him. She said they thought he looked a bit funny when they cleaned his tank before they left. He was also 3 years old. She said he lived a good, long life. She also said to not feel bad about it because it was his time. They’ll get another fish.

I still feel bad and it was actually really traumatic finding him dead but I’m glad I said something. Thank you, Groupthink. You guys are the best :)

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