First off, The Flash has greatly surpassed Arrow in being some magical unicorn balance of both campy Superhero shenanigans and serious and heartfelt drama. I don’t know how they do it but they do it well.

Also, the CW posts episodes on their website the night they air. I think that is pretty rad of them, way to know your demographic CW!

If you’re finding it hard to reconcile the fact that the DC movie universe and the DC TV universe are not the same universe, you’re not alone. It’s frustrating but the way I’ve been able to justify it in my head, and since Crisis is brought up in The Flash, DC has infinite Earths, which account for a lot of retconning that happened and continues to happen in the comics, so why not lump the TV and film universes in there too? It accounts for the changes made to origin stories to fit the format etc etc. There’s an infinite number of Barry Allens floating around the ethos or whatever... just go with it!

SPOILERS going forward.

Last night’s episode finally revealed a lot of things. The characters finally confirmed that Wells is Eobard Thawne and Eddie finds this out, potentially having to grapple with this (keep it in your pants Eddie? A hasty vasectomy episode in the future?)


What I really wanna talk about it Iris though. Because this is where the show really fails. For arbitrary reasons, Joe West insists that Iris not know Barry is The Flash because she could get hurt, even though Iris has been nearly killed numerous times by her own accord or by association with fucking writing about how she chit-chats with The Flash. Like, people know she’s talking to him so it doesn’t fucking matter! This is a poorly written construct to create drama where there is no drama!

ALSO Joe tells Barry he refused Eddie’s marriage proposal (to Iris, although Joe/Eddie shipping is not something I’m opposed to) was because he could tell Iris was in love with Barry... so then wouldn’t telling Iris he’s The Flash really seal the deal?? If you’re even a wayward peruser of The Flash, you know that in just about every instance Barry and Iris get married. This is known. Fans of the show have been rolling their eyes for ages over this will they/won’t they bullshit because it’s just stalling. And it’s not written well. And the characters can’t justify their behavior beyond that they need to protect her, but again, she has not been very well protected so far this season! And again, she has a known association to The Flash that any criminal could exploit to their benefit!


Yeah, Joe, as much as I enjoy your delighted chuckles, Iris doesn’t need you to speak for her...

This gives Iris no agency in her own story. And it’s really frustrating. It stalls her character development entirely. I have no idea who Iris is other than she’s really pretty and... she had that thesis? deposition? dissertation? or whatever in the pilot, what happened to that? Did she graduate whatever school it was for? What the fuck was up with that? What was she studying?? Who is Iris??? Where am I??????


And it’s not like she doesn’t have potential, for example: where is her mother? I might have glossed over that but is she gone or dead? How and why is she dead. Barry has his mother’s death to contemplate when he’s not pining for Iris so what does Iris have? And I mean for fucks sake for half the season she worked at a coffee shop, the most generic of all professions! Even her obsession with The Flash could be fleshed out. She masquerades as a reporter but wasn’t discovering what was up with all the weird shit going on her main goal? I though she wanted to find out who The Flash is and she really hasn’t been shown digging into that.

As dated as Smallville might be now, at least Chloe had her wall of weird to turn to when she wasn’t pining for Clark. It’s like they started to do that with Iris but got distracted and now we’re hearing about her investigatory journalism through dialogue instead of actually seeing what she’s investigatating, so long as she can make a name for herself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends she loses or people she leaves dead and bloodied along the way, just so long so she can make a name for herself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends she loses or people she leaves dead and bloodied and dying along the way???


Then there’s Caitlin Snow, apparently she’s a scientist! Have we seen her do much sciencing? Not really, that stuff goes to Cisco. Caitlin is left to pine over her dead/not dead ex(/not ex?) fiance. That is all we know of Caitlin Snow


Caitlin Snow is the name of a supervillain named Killer Frost, or at least one of them. So maybe we should expect more from Caitlin in the future but it would be nice for her to have a more defined role in helping other than sitting-next-to-Cisco-and-Wells-looking-busy. Obviously this wasn’t an accidental name choice, and hooking her up with Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm was no accident as well. What is planned for Caitlin and will she do more sciencing??


This might all sound like I dislike the show, but I absolutely love it. I just think it could be better. I want it to be better. Instead of setting up backdoor pilots for still untitled DC spinoffs and teaming up for the hundredth time in one season, The Flash needs to stand on its own and flesh out it’s (female) characters more, otherwise the novelty of the exciting new first season will wear off and even talking gorillas can’t save it.