Spoilers under the cut. First, I want to say that I forgive you all for last week. Second, I am not going to be doing any traditional recaps. Similar to my last post, I am just going to share my thoughts. Lastly, if you find yourself awake at 3 am because you were watching The Following, I am sorry. I'm sorry that you waited so long to watch The Following. However, I'm not sorry that you were awake at 3 am. That hour is magically (it is also the hour I take my lunch break).

Let's begin:

Last week, we were introduced to a new set of Followers and caught up on the characters that managed to survive Season 1. This week, we learned a little more about the twins, saw Joe come back, and witness Ryan's reactions to seeing the psychopathic twins.


On Joe Carroll's side of the plot, we see that he has grown a beard and raided the Duck Dynasty apparel section at Wal-Mart. He has also named himself "Uncle Darryl" which sounds just like Carroll. Last episode, I found it was strange that he was in Arkansas. I was wondering how he managed to get down there until it was reveal Judy, the red-haired woman from the first episode, was one of Joe's admirers. She wrote to him on a regular basis while he was in prison thinking she would be able to fix Joe. I wouldn't say she is a Follower because I like that term for Joe's more violent people. Unless, it's revealed she has been killing folks (I doubt it) then she is just in the realm of admirers.

Mandy, who is Judy's daughter, is fascinated by the idea of Joe the killer. She has become closer to Joe by feeding his obsession the Subway murders and anything else that is related to him. She watches the news (which only seems to focus on Joe) with him asking how does it feel to kill and how exactly did he become the Joe Carroll that is plastered all over the news. It is almost as if she is to Joe what Max is to Ryan. I put $5 down that she will kill sometime this season.

I think it is fitting that the first person killed by Joe is the Reverend. He was skeevy and if he did not put it together that "Uncle Darryl" was actually Joe, I think at some point Mandy would have killed him anyways. I think the speech Joe made and all that moaning when he stabs the Reverend was perfect. It was classic Joe Carroll. Made me think they should have changed the title names because Joe was resurrected in this episode. I am now curious to see what Judy does that Joe has killed and Mandy was witness to it. She was under the impression that she fixed Joe and did not want the "good" life they had ruined.




I'm going to say right off the bat, there is a 96% chance that Lily is working with the twins, Luke and Mark, and Giselle. I don't think her life was in danger at all. Speaking of the twins (played by the talented Sam Underwood), they weirdly remind me of the masks of theater. Luke is the manic one of the two while Mark is more reserved, depressed almost. Both, however, are psychopaths. Because of Luke's behavior, I think either he will be the downfall of the twins or Giselle will. She must be bored sitting inside that apartment with Carlos all the time. I also think Ryan's assessment of the two was dead on. I think it would be interesting if the main reason why they want to see Joe is that Joe is their father.

Poor Emma. She is no longer in the loop. That look on her face when she realizes that Joe is alive was so sad. Here she thinks she is part of Joe's inner circle and he never told her his plan for escaping or called to tell her he's alive. Oh well. However, these cut aways to Emma are not serving a purpose. I wish they get to the point or just kill her off.

Ryan's face when he realizes they are twins was precious.

Other Observations:

  • The FBI is useless. I will note I did like Agent Mendez little "Why are you surprised?" line to Iceman.
  • Max never calls the police. Max is a Follower.
  • Ryan's weakness for blondes is going to have him killed.
  • I want minisodes of Joe in Arkansas like now please.
  • I think Ryan did not realize that pushing Iceman away will result in their breakup. That look Ryan gave when Iceman said he was done was a little heartbreaking. Here's hoping HardIce will reconcile and go after Joe together.
  • Hulu showed me this commercial:

I laughed and went to watch the others during those Hulu breaks.

  • I like how Joe has replaced Edgar Allen Poe as the theme for this season.
  • Max is conveniently at Ryan's home when he needs a trace. Max is a Follower.
  • Mark open hand slap to the mother reminded me of this gif:


Yes, I know I am a horrible person for even thinking this.

  • I think it is interesting that Joe sees himself as a failure father wise. Will Mandy becoming a killer like him(because you know she will) suppose to make him feel otherwise?


What are your thoughts? Your theories?