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The Following Episode 3: Trust Me

Spoilers under the cut. All I can say is WOW and I told you so. You can check out my thoughts(plus other people's thoughts) on Episode 1: The Resurrection here and check out my thoughts (plus other people's thoughts) on Episode 2: For Joe here.


I actually like doing this every week. Maybe I will start doing this for Once Upon A Time and Once Upon A Time in Wonderland too. (I already decided to share my Netflix recommends with y'all, starting with yesterday post.)

Let's Begin:

Last week, Ryan found out that the subway murders and recent Joe-style murders were done by the Twins. Joe's country lifestyle came to the end by killing the reverend and Mandy is growing to be the little psychopath child that Joe never had.


I think the dream Ryan had at the beginning of the episode is more of a prophecy. Ryan has been so obsessed with Joe that I think they are basically one and the same. When dream Joe says "You can't kill me Ryan. If I die, you die." I believe that Ryan's subconscious is trying to tell him that he will not be able to kill Joe. Iceman will probably have to kill Joe which will ultimately kill Ryan's drive to live. I think by the time this entire saga is done, Ryan death will be a suicide.


At least HardIce (Ryan Hardy and Iceman) is together once again. Even though I liked the lovers' quarrel between the two, I am glad they have settled their feelings in the pursuit of the twins. (I'm taking 10 points off though, because there was no big "LET ME IN, RYAN! LET ME INTO YOUR HEART! moment like I was hoping there would be. Yes, I like my dramatic moments corny.)

The twins' mother is Lily, like we couldn't figure that one out. I think (as evidence by killing the FBI lady. I mean she killed her like she was a walker on The Walking Dead.) she is possibly more violent than the twins. However, I do think she channels all of that through art( she mentioned something about liking violence in art instead of reality). I'm guessing she is an artist too and if they go look at her work they will find gruesome, violent images. Possibly more disturbing than the works in her gallery. I think it is telling that she is no ordinary person since her background story is real.


I am still trying to wonder who Giselle is and what role she plays in all of this. Hopefully we find out in the couple of episodes. Carlos is dumb as hell if he didn't think they were not going to kill him. (I did like Giselle hissy fit about not being able to kill Carlos though..)

$5 says that the twins father is Joe because that is the only rational conclusion for all of this. I was underwhelm with the twins this episode.



Emma...you in danger, girl. This is not going to end well for Emma. Emma is dumb. I don't think she sees that they are using her to find Joe. I have no idea why Emma thought she was number 2. She is delusional if she actually thinks she was number 2 and Joe cared for her. Something tells me that Lily and Emma will go toe to toe this season for Joe's affection.


Mandy. Mandy. Mandy. She is one sick cookie, just like Joe. Totally knew she was going to kill the mother. I loved that Mandy and Joe has a very close relationship. Mandy is Joe's surrogate daughter while Joe is the father Mandy never knew. The actress who plays Mandy is killing it and I hope she gets an episode where she can shine.

Other observations:

  • Max is no where to be seen. She is still a Follower.
  • Looks like Mark is having a bit of a crush on Emma. I think this will have the twins pitted against each other soon. Luke looks to be jealous of Mark's infatuation with Emma.
  • The music for this episode was great. One of the songs is a cover of Bad Moon Rising by the Mourning Rituals:
  • Utopian slut palace....CAN WE GET A BOOK OF JOE'S INSULTS PLEASE! Cause that one was pure genius!
  • The FBI wasn't so incompetent since they found the hideout for the last remaining members of the Cult of Poe. However, why did they allow Iceman go alone in the basement when the dude said they have no idea who/what's in the basement? That was the dumbest!
  • How could Judy be so surprised that Joe killed someone?
  • Smart-ass Iceman gets the gold.
  • Ryan, please get an actual working security system...Thanks.
  • The "Stand By Me" cover was so awesome and creepy and great:

You can download this and other songs for free or for a small donation here: Kitheory.com

  • How come they have technology to cross reference a suspect's height, weight, and etc but not the technology/or idea to get the plates off a car? I mean it shouldn't be that hard to find the twins car.
  • Who did Joe called in the last episode? I think it was Max cause she is a Follower.
  • How does Mandy's hair stay so pressed? I need to know.

Your thoughts on the episode?

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