Do not come into this post just to say you don't like the show. These comments are really annoying and I will not be nice to you at all if you do. I do not have a cookie or a trophy for you because you don't like the show. Just don't do it cause I hate it when I have to put people on blast for stupid things. Spoilers under the cut.

Last night was episode four of the show The Following. There was some interesting developments and so rehashing of the first season. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts. You can read our discussions about The Following under the tag "The Following" or check out the links for Episode 1, 2, and 3 by clicking the corresponding number.

Let's Begin:

Last week the show went down obvious lane and showed us that Lily was the Twins mother. Mandy killed her mother because she didn't want to leave Joe. Joe and Mandy burned down the Utopian Slut Palace and Emma was being dumb.


Max is back and I still believe she is a Follower. Her and Ryan had a nice moment of "Hardy Clan" bonding but it sure is going to hurt when she stabs him in the back(I'm sticking figuratively but it could be literal). I still want to know who Max is texting but I will share my theories in a bit. Also, I was really upset with her for tailing Giselle against Ryan's orders. I know she kinda put Ryan in his place about her being involved with the investigation (which it doesn't really matter cause she is a Follower) but she didn't have to go to the extremes.


<——The good old days. It looks like HardIce is off. That reunion last week I guess was temporary. Ryan has gone back to keeping Iceman at arm's length. I wonder if this has anything to do with "The Hardy Curse". Maybe Ryan really cares for Iceman. Those feelings are pointless because Iceman is also a Follower (or at least up to something else). Other than trying to holla at Max(I hope to God/Allah/Osiris/Aliens/Cat Overlords/Hades/Hiddles/or whoever else is up(or down) there that there will not be a romantic storyline for those two), he didn't really do anything else. He was kinda pointless like that Microsoft product placement.


The FBI is incompetent because(wait for it) Agent Mendez is A FUCKING FOLLOWER. This is the only explanation why the FBI is bad at their jobs. She has to be sabotaging the investigation somehow. Or the woman(Jana) she called at the end of the episode is her ex-girlfriend/wife. The only reason I am saying that because they had the phone call about custody of kids. It sounded more like a conversation involving an ex than family. She could also be the recipient of Max's texts but I might be reaching.

However, since we know that Jana is a Follower(will touch on that in a minute), she might be a plant like Molly was to Ryan. I'm now wondering if she is taking a passive role by following and keeping tabs on the FBI investigation or will she have a more expanded role(ie kill everything) later on.


Mandy seems to be doing well with Joe. The sweet serial killer fatherly advice that Joe was giving to Mandy tugged at my heart strings. It was so sweet in a "we have to kill for the right reasons" kind of way.

How big was Joe's cult? It looks like Joe had an ex-FBI (and possibly an ex of Mendez) agent in his group. Why did Joe get sidetracked and not follow the plan set by Roderick? How come only Joe was given a new identity? Will he ditch Mandy or betray her trust and love by using her as a bargaining chip later on? Just so many questions...

Also I don't know if you notice by the woman playing Jana(who is so eager to help Joe) is Leslie Bibb. I didn't recognize her because she was not blonde. I will say I loved the brown color on her.


Emma. O GAWD. I will admit I shed a couple of tears when Emma saw Joe for the first time. It was a little over done but still managed to make me shed a couple of tears. I also like Mandy's "Um, who is this crazy crying lady?" face she made. I think Emma and Mandy will become more like sisters. Joe has a little bit of a family back now which will be interesting when the go up against Lily and her "diverse" family. (Yeah, there is no way that line was natural...just saying).

Speaking of Lily...DID YOU SEE THAT OUTFIT AND HER "YES, I RUN THIS" STAGGER WHEN SHE MET JOE???? Only Connie Nielson could have pulled that off.(If you find a picture of that scene let me know so I can put it in here.)


It looks like Giselle has been caught or maybe she will escape by killing Max? Who knows. I will not impressed with her kill but was happy she got a kill in.

Where the fuck did the rest of Lily's kids come from? I need there to be at least one episode that is all Lily and about her background because she is so interesting. I still maintain that Joe is the Twin's father and somehow I also think she lied to Emma about their intentions.


The twins creeptastic relationship between Lily and the twins is creepy. Like really creepy. I can not repeat this enough. It is so fucking creepy. That's all I'm saying.

  • I'm trying to figure out how Joe's Cult of Poe is staying together. Lily's stay together because they are family but Joe's cult seem more like a bunch of patches put together.
  • I'm trying to find who did the version of the song "Reunited" that was in the credits I think. Can someone help me out?
  • Max is a Follower.
  • I like Jana. She really cares about Mandy(shown by pulling her skirt down just a little bit). If Joe doesn't ditch Mandy, there might be a Jana could take Mandy in. That is if Jana doesn't get caught.
  • I think Lily's cult and Joe's cult will be go head to head.
  • I think the Twins might kill each other.
  • You know Iceman is a twin right? You know the guy playing the twins is not? I just find that interesting.
  • I wish they would stop with the Microsoft product placement.
  • There might be a trip to France soon...I hope.
  • Max is a Follower
  • I also think scene where Mandy keeps the brown doll and hugs it tightly was well done. I have no idea if that was done on purpose but I liked it
  • How come no one helped Max but tackle Ryan to the ground immediately even though I know those people saw Giselle attack first...