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Welcome To The Bitchery

(That's a Zoolander reference.) SPOILERS BELOW THE JACOB:

Isn't he so pretty? Miss you, boo.

I LOVE JOE + RYAN. I mean, that's what the show's all about, right? The building up to these confrontations. And the fact that Ryan is all 'eh, I don't care if I die. I just want to take you with me' makes it even more delicious.


Other thoughts/suppositions:

  • Lily is not dead. It wasn't a head shot and she was still breathing when the episode ended. IF IT'S NOT A HEAD SHOT, YOU'RE STILL ALIVE ON THE FOLLOWING.
  • I'm sad but not surprised Mike went to the dark place. It was pretty predictable. I would rather he just have sex with Max and a nice cleansing cry afterward but y'know, shooting the woman who killed your dad is also good.
  • I'm kinda sad Korbin is done. I liked those crazy cult kids. Especially Tilda and Lucas. I wanted them to at least kiss. GOD, WHY CAN'T TWO KILLERS IN LOVE GET A BREAK?
  • HOW IS EMMA STILL ALIVE? I swear to God, this show will go for 20 seasons and at the end, Emma will be like, Dictator of the US or something. Also, I love that she's the voice of sanity that no one listens to. Oh, Emma. You shouldn't have killed Jacob. EVERYONE LOVED JACOB.
  • I wasn't super surprised that Claire lived. This twist is kinda boring.

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